Tips for saving money on your android phone plan

Selecting a wireless phone plan earlier was forthright. Choose the number of minutes you need and sign a 2-year agreement. But since T-Mobile burst the subvention game with its unconventional android phone plans, which had its competitors follow suit with their own inventive plans. So, you now have a plethora of lease schemes, installment options, shared data, and BYOD plans to choose from.

Service providers have made it quite difficult to find the final prices for the best android phone plans they offer. Handset charges, lower rates for contracts, outright buying discounts, unlimited data options can make this simple task confusing. In most cases, the rates you see advertised and what you pay at checkout will not be the same. If that’s not enough, then you must consider network speed, coverage area, and additional benefits you get with the smartphone.

Here’s what you can do to save money on your phone plan

Old style 2-year agreements: Getting new plans with a traditional 2-year contract is quite limited these days since T-Mobile being the first to eliminate 2-year contracts followed by Sprint, AT & T, and Verizon. Only existing customers can avail this plan, while new consumers do not get this option.

Quick-upgrade plans: Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile now have plans that let you pay the charges in installments for a discount in exchange. Moreover, you can get a new phone every year or so, if you return the device to the provider. If you opt for such a plan, you manage to save significantly as compared to the traditional 2-year contracts.

No contract, an installment plan only: T-Mobile has eliminated contracts completely and now offers a strictly financed phone model. You pay the full retail price in installments instead of paying access charges on your bill.

Pre-pay virtual carriers: Regional carriers like Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, can help you save a lot every month if you are fine with their limited phone options. The major players support most regional providers, so you get the same speed and coverage at substantial discounts. But the biggest cons are limited phone selection and high initial handset rates.

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