Best European cruise packages to opt for during summer

Touring through Europe need not be limited to that solo backpacking trip that one does in college. You can do this while traveling on a cruise as well. European river cruises also help you explore the interiors of Europe and are not limited by the sea.

There are numerous rivers that traverse the entire continent, leaving one with an abundance of choices to pick from. This task could get a little overwhelming. So, listed here are a few of the best European cruise packages one could pick from.

  • Grand European Tour: Rhine River Getaway Cruise
    One of the finest options, this European tour enables you to explore four countries over a period of 15 days and 12 guided tours. This is an opportunity one cannot miss for a wholesome experience of the continent. This European cruise package takes you all the way from The Netherlands to Hungary, moving through Germany and Austria, providing you with a culture-packed experience.
  • Oberammergau, The Passion Play: Danube River Cruise
    If you want a rich exploration of art and religious history, this would be a perfect Europe river cruise package. Traversing across three countries along cities so historically important, this could not be any more perfect to enrich one’s summer experience in the continent.
  • Paris and the heart of Normandy: Seine River Cruise
    It is undeniable that Paris is one of the most powerful cultural and economic capitals of the world, but this tour allows you to explore other cities and towns along the Seine, flowing through Paris. This would contrast one’s experience in Paris itself. It takes you back to its history and culture-rich places where impressionist painters lived and where there are remnants of the wars.
  • Elegant Elbe: Elbe River Cruise
    Moving across Germany to the Czech Republic, this European river cruise spanning over 10 days gives you the opportunity to explore not only the modern cities of Europe, Berlin, and Prague, but also cities that have risen from ashes like Dresden with seven guided tours along the way.
  • Cities of Light: Moselle, Maine and Rhine River Cruise
    Tracing three of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, this European river cruise package offers a tour of four countries in Europe spanning across Paris and Prague. Over a span of 12 days with 10 guided tours, this would be a great opportunity to explore parts of a country one might miss on a general tour.

These are the best European cruise packages that you must check out. They have all the amenities that you need while traveling around these places during summers.

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